Mendoza and Salta 7 day adventure

An exceptional road trip between Mendoza and Salta..

Make an unforgettable journey by car with your own private guide/driver between the city of wine, Mendoza, and the capital of indigenous Argentina, Salta. During this road trip you will get in touch with the overwhelming nature of the Northwest of Argentina, you might think you landed on the moon in the Moonvalley (Valle de la Luna), you are nearly touching the giant of America, the Aconcagua mountain, you’ll get to know everything about the Quilmes Indians, you will visit a high class bodega in Cafayate, and much, much more!

The trip last minimal 7 days, but can be extended upon request: for example a visit to the provinces of Jujuy or to the Puna. You can of course also make the trip the other way around, from North (Salta) to South (Mendoza). We also offer the possibility to add excursions to the programme such as rafting or hiking. Please mention your wishes and we will try to fit them into the itinerary…

An example of the programme

for the 7 days could be as follows:

Day 1 | Mendoza – Mendoza

Visiting the Provincial Park Aconcagua, to make a hike with a view on the nearly 7.000 meters high Aconcagua mountain in the Andes. This park is open from the 15th of November till the 15th of March. Outside this period you will make a different hike. Lodging in Mendoza.

Day 2 | Mendoza – Valle Fertil

You will head towards the North today, direction San Juan city and province. Near the capitol of San Juan you will visit the impressive Difunta Correa shrine. After that it is direction Astica and the village of San Agustín de Valle Fértil. Lodging in Valle Fértil (San Juan).

Day 3 | Valle Fertil – Villa Union

The next two days you will visit the two world famous nature parks, who are both on the UNESCO list of World Heritage because of their huge fossil collections: Ischigualasto and Talampaya. Provincial Park Ischigualasto is especially known for being the source of the first period of dinosaurs and mammoths. Evolution created here in millions of years the most spectacular rock formations. The nickname of the park is therefore “Moonvalley”, because you consider yourself walking on the moon. Lodging in Villa Union (La Rioja).

Day 4 | Villa Union – Famatina

Today you will visit the other National Park, Talampaya, in the La Rioja province. A famous place for finding fossils, but also unique because of its huge canyons (“walls” of 143 meter height) in the landscape. In Talampaya there have also been remains of indigenous populations found in the Petra del Canon. In the afternoon you head towards Chilecito in the East along the ruta 40, crossing the beautiful Cuesta de Miranda. Lodging in Famatina (province La Rioja).

Day 5 | Famatina – Tafi del Valle

This day is a day of travelling. You will cross the rough landscape of the province of La Rioja and Catamarca. At the end of the afternoon you will arrive in “the garden of Argentina”, the province of Tucumán. Lodging in Tafí del Valle (province Tucumán).

Day 6 | Tafi del Valle – Cafayate

Today you will travel through the amazing Valle Calchaquíes (also on the list of World Heritage), a 250 kilometres long valley alongside the Calchaquí river. Here you will visit to ruins of the Quilmes Indians, remains of an important indigenous tribe. The day finishes in the nice wine-town Cafayate, but not before visiting a high class bodega for a degustation experience. Lodging in Cafayate.

Day 7 | Cafayate – Salta

on the last tour day you will head for Salta. Before arrival in Salta you will visit the typical mountain village of Cachi, in the middle of the Valle de Calchaquí. In the afternoon you arrive in Salta, a city which the Argentineans call themselves “la linda” (the beautiful). Lodging in Salta.

We can organise this trip for a minimum of two persons. The larger the group, the more economic the trip. For groups of more than six persons we can also provide a comfortable minivan.

The adventurous trip can be continued with private excursions (or self drives) to the Quebrada de Humahuaca in the province of Jujuy or to the the Puna. The Puna is with private guide only.

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