Discover the Argentinean Puna

The Puna: a surrealistic world of volcanoes & salt lakes.

Together with our professional guides in Salta we developed a new and very special private excursion: “La Puna Argentina”. In 7 days you will visit one of the most remote and unspoiled regions of Argentina. A special adventure that brings you in contact with the rough nature of one of the last unknown regions of Argentina. You will discover a landscape full of giant volcanoes, inhospitalbe salt lakes, deep blue lagoons, fertile valleys and many, many different colors.

Or to quote one of our first customers who recently made this excursion:

“Surrealistic and breathtakingly beautiful, the absolute highlight of our roundtrip through Argentina”

To get used to the height differences the excursion, with a private and English speaking guide, will start in the Calchaquíes valley South of the city of Salta. After that you will slowly get used to the height and visit the Puna region from day 3 on. Here you will find a short description of the excursion, which will start and end in Salta city:

Day 1| Salta – Cachi

Via Cuesta del Obispo, National Park Los Cardones to Cachi - lodging in Cachi (2400 mts.)

Day 2 | Cachi – Cafayate

Via the famous ruta 40, Molinos, Quebrada de las Flechas, Quebrada de las Conchas to Cafayate - lodging in Cafayate (1700 mts.)

Day 3 | Cafayate – El Peñon

Via the Quilmes ruins, Hualfin to El Peñon in Catamarca - lodging at a hostería in El Peñon (3600 mts.)

Day 4 | El Peñon – El Peñon

Round trip to the Galán vulcano, Laguna Diamante, Laguna Grande and Campo de Piedra Pomez - lodging at a hostería in El Peñon (3600 mts.)

Day 5 | El Peñon – Tolar Grande

Via Antofagasta de la Sierra, Quebrada de Cabalaste, Salar de Antofalla, Antofallita, Salar de Arizaro, Cono de Arita to Tolar Grande - lodging in a hostería in Tolar Grande (3600 mts.)

Day 6 | Tolar Grande – San Antonio de los Cobres

Via caves with salt stalactites, to Ojos de Mar, Salar de Pocitos, to San Antonio de los Cobres - lodging at a hostería in San Antonio de los Cobres (3800 meter)

Day 7 | San Antonio de los Cobres – Salta

Via the famous Salinas Grandes, Cuesta de Lipán, Purmamarca back to Salta city in the late afternoon

Important: this excursion is not suitable for anyone who expects problems with the height differences. Although we will do anything to make your excursion pleasant and to let you get used slowly to the height differences, sometimes climate conditions can force us to change the itinerary and start already from the beginning on height.

To organise the excursion we need a minimum of 2 persons participating. Many of our customers combine the Puna with a more profound private excursion or self drive to the Quebrada de Humahuaca and the Valle Calchaquíes.

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